Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Junior Bridesmaid or Flowergirls Braids

Source: google.com via Vanessa on Pinterest

Perfect hair for the youngest member of your wedding party! This flower braid is tricky to accomplish unless you've been practicing for awhile. But the flower girl/junior bridesmaid will feel so grown up with this gorgeous braid that shows off her sense of style.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fun Flowergirl Photos

Cute flower girls in a candid shot expressing their joy of the day! Be sure to include some time for your photographer (or even your guests) to shoot some candid shots. Sometimes they really show the joy of your wedding day best!

Be sure to frame your photos like this photographer did in this unique doorway. It gives the photos a real flavor of your wedding. If your church or reception hall doesn't have unique architectural detail... find a place that does that will let you take photos, it's well worth the pre-wedding effort.  Often your photographer will have some great local ideas about locations. (In real estate they say it's 'location, location, location.. the same thing with wedding photos!)