Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh Mom! They Must Be Kidding! Do I HAVE TO DO THIS?

This poor flower girl is looking adorable but like she needs to pop a couple of Excedrin! This complicated walking and dropping flowers at the same time she's looking cute is overwhelming this cute little girl. But she is adorable.  Love her garland and simple dress.

Ah Mom, My Feet Hurt!

Love this color on this adorable flower girl whose taking some time out on the window seat. Such a normal kid shot! It's been a long day and she's taking time away from the wedding craziness. 

Lights and Shadows and Flower Girl

Photo courtesy of Clare-Louise Photography

I fell in love with this photo of this flower girl.  The combination of a cute flower girl surrounded by light and shadow made me fall for this photo.  Be sure your photographer has the skill to make use of light and shadow in your wedding shots, it can make all the difference between a picture and an artistic professional photograph that you will treasure.

Lucky the UK bride who has the opportunity to hire Clare-Louise Photography.