Saturday, December 31, 2011

Winged Flower Girl

Jerry Yoon Photography has multiple photos of 'angel' flower girls on their site.  Visit the site to see the glorious photos of children in weddings.  Angelic looking little girls, mischievous little boys, and giggling babies.  Jerry Yoon Photography catches them all.  The photo above is one of my favorites.  If you have a chance, contact them to photograph your wedding, the results are stunning.

Here we see our 'angel' walking down the aisle with all the confidence of Tyra Banks on the runway of a high fashion show.  She has the walk down to a science and Jerry Yoon Photography captures the strut and the attitude.

Here's a whimsical look of our 'angel' looking down from above.  This young lady has being a flower girl down to an exact science.  The walk, the photos, the posture... she just makes you fall in love with her.  Can't you hear everyone at the wedding going 'ah, isn't she cute' as she walks down the aisle?

To contact Jerry Yoon Photography go to this link and fill out our info.  I can't guarantee they can provide you with the angelic flower girl above, but you will get great photos if what's on the web site is a sample of their work.